Welcome to AMS131 Winter 2019 home page!

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For all other things, check this webpage.  -- log in first to see the contents

* Midterm on Feb-12th will cover

-  Chapter 1 - Section 3.4 (but only upto page 125 - right before bivariate cumulative distribution functions)
- Sections 5.1-5.5 (special discrete distributions)
All homework questions in the sections above except Section 3.4 #10 will be covered.  Section 3.4 #10 is about bivariate cumulative distribution function, and won't be part of the midterm material.

Please bring your calculator and ID.   You can also bring a sheet of notes (front and back - so two pages, no hw or hw solutions).  

* Office hour for Jan-29th cancelled.  Will have office hours from 10:00am-11:00am Feb 1st (Fri) at BE359C.

* Quiz 1 (Jan-24, Th):  It is 40-min long and  will cover Chapter 1 & Section 2.1.  You can bring 1 page cheat sheet (submit, no return, no HW question, no HW solution), calculator.  Bring your ID!